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<Polarity> [A], is a PvE centered guild on the PvP realm of Stormreaver (CST/GMT -6).  Comprised of an experienced officer core and veteran raiders <Polarity> cultivates an "elitist jerks not welcomed here" attitude as well as a positive, mature, but relaxed raiding environment.  <Polarity> is NOT a social/casual raiding guild.

Guild Culture:  <Polarity> is based on the ideal that people excel in a positive environment.  Screaming, yelling, calling people bads, scrubs, noobs and the like doesn't foster team play or build confidence.  We expect every member to play at the highest level possible.  We expect people to show up and not suck.  Mistakes happen.  We expect people to own up, take responsibility and work to avoid making the same mistake again.

Requirements:  All applicants are expected to have the best possible gear, gems and enchants they can obtain.  Therefore you should be NOT be wearing a PVP belt, or an ilvl 359 if there is a higher quality crafted item available.  We are looking for min-max players who will do whatever it takes to obtain the an advantage for progression.  Your gear should be enchanted, gemmed and enhanced to maximize your potential performance.  The amount of effort you’ve put into preparing your character to raid will say more than any reply you could give on the required application.

Polarity is a level 25 guild with a current progression of 8/8, 1/8 HM 25m DS, 7/7, 6/7 HM Firelands.

Mandatory 3-day a week Raid Schedule: 7:30-10:30p CST (GMT -6):

   * Monday

   * Tuesday

   * Wednesday

Please Read all Guild Policies before applying:


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